Dear friends,

The countdown has begun. Thank you for all your hard work up until this point and keep at it – the finish line is in sight.

Fight Back (your advocacy portal)
The most important thing we can do on the issues that matter to us is elect Democrats!

Dear friends,

I can’t believe we only have three weekends left before the election. I guess summer really is over.

Now that everyone is back and settled into the post-summer routine, we’ll be restarting these emails. As always, please send suggestions on how this can be most helpful.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation – VAYD Style
What a summer! After the primary, we started organizing for the joint campaign, canvassing neighborhoods and registering voters.

Dear friends,

Whooah! What a week – a month – six months. I really can’t believe 45 has been in office for six months. He’s done a ton of damage but his legislative achievements are mostly nil. The resistance is working, we just need to keep it up.

Here at VAYD, we are organizing and raising the needed resources to fight back. Thank you to everyone who came out for our house party with DNC Chairman Tom Perez! It was a great event and will allow us to make major investments in electing Democrats this November.

Dear friends,

Wow! What a summit – thank you to everyone who made it and those who helped make it possible, especially our New Colossus sponsor: The Woman's National Democratic Club!


Even with 45 abroad, the endless drip of insanity continues – I mean, did you see that joke of a budget he put forward? Thankfully, Virginians have an opportunity to strike back against 45 on November 7th.

To do that, we need to be organized and prepared. This starts at the DPVA JJ Dinner, followed by VAYD’s JJ After Dark!