The Virginia Young Democrats released the following statment on the murder of George Floyd:

The Virginia Young Democrats condemns the behavior of the four Minneapolis Police Officers which led to George Floyd’s death. It is unacceptable for officers to use lethal force in such a blatantly abusive and inappropriate way. Our criminal justice system is based on innocence until proven guilty and no crime should be met unjustly with a death sentence. Though one officer, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested, we believe that all officers involved in Floyd’s murder need to be investigated, charged, and prosecuted with the due process that should have been awarded to George Floyd. Given the unambiguous video evidence from May 25th, it seems clear that any Judge or Jury would find the officers guilty.

While George Floyd’s death is a central focus today, it is a continuation of decades of police violence against Black communities. The history of the United States - and Virginia, specifically - is a history of racism, oppression, and violence against Black and Brown bodies.

We support those who are exercising their First Amendment rights demanding justice for George Floyd, but moreover demanding equal treatment and protection for Black lives. We applaud young people across the Commonwealth who have gone out and made their voices heard. Additionally, we recognize the numerous Virginia elected officials who have been on the front lines of these protests.

To do our part, the Virginia Young Democrats plan to increase outreach to Black communities through voter registration programs to register and turnout disenfranchised communities. We are committed to providing resources and raising the voices of those overlooked in electoral politics. Further, we will advocate for the restoration of voting rights for those stripped away by our criminal justice system or unjustly purged from voter rolls, which disproportionately affects communities of color. Additionally, the Virginia Young Democrats are committed to campaigning and voting for candidates and elected officials who will work to see that justice is served and the necessary reforms are made to combat the systemic racism we have witnessed for decades. 


Press Contact: Maleik Watkins,