Welcome to the VAYD Listserv Management program application page. This program is designed to give every chapter access to VAYD's email servers, allowing chapters to store and send an unlimited number of emails, free of charge. Using our custom CiviCRM software, chapters can also manage their contacts, events, and emails from the same place. To be eligible, a chapter must be a chartered member of the Virginia Young Democrats. If you fit this criteria, please have the President of your chapter complete the form below. Note: The instructions for some of the questions are visible on the right side of the screen if you put your mouse pointer over the question.

Upon submission of the form, applicants will be placed into three tiers, with the first tier consisting of chapters that will be granted access first, followed by the second and third tiers. Chapters will be assigned a tier based on the size of their email list, with each tier consisting of a mix of chapter sizes. This will give the VAYD Technology team the opportunity to troubleshoot any problems before adding more chapter lists into the system. It may take up to a month to add each tier into the system. If you have any questions, please email secretary@vayd.org.

First and last name of chapter President: