Connecting our Chapters with Qualified and Experienced Mentors!

The purpose of the Chapter Mentorship Program is to provide qualified and experienced mentors to VAYD chapters. Many VAYD chapters exist for a year or two before losing steam and disappearing. The goal of this program is to provide a guiding hand to assist chapters by sharing the best practices necessary for the chapters to internalize institutional knowledge.

Chapter Mentors will assist their assigned chapters for a minimum of two years. They will attend chapter and leadership meetings, either virtually or in person. Mentors can serve as a liaison between chapters and VAYD by referring chapter leaders to VAYD resources. They will guide chapters by providing advice as requested. Mentors will be knowledgeable regarding best practices related to membership growth, fundraising, communications, and campaign operations. They will also assist with maintaining institutional knowledge when the leadership team transitions within the chapter.

Below are the application criteria for Chapters and Mentors:

Chapters Mentors
  • Have fewer than 20 members
  • Complete the application form to receive a mentor on the VAYD website
  • Must be a current Young Democrat, or must have aged out within the past five years
  • Must be at least one of the following:
    • A former VAYD officer 
    • A former Chapter President
    • A current VAYD officer


Click Here to Apply for a Mentor or to Become a Mentor!

Email Graham Weinschenk at [email protected] if you have any questions!