We come together at a defining moment in the history of our generation – as the youth who bore witness the close of one century, and first shared in the bountiful opportunities of the new millennium. As Young Democrats, we have a special commitment our nation’s future, and recognize the exceptional challenge the future holds for our generation. We affirm our commitment to the continuation of the principles of the Democratic Party, to renewing our nation’s promise for a new era – with the same hope and new ideas that propelled Franklin Delano Roosevelt towards the New Deal and allowed John F. Kennedy to lead our nation to a new frontier. We understand that only when the experience of those who have gone before us is met with the energy and vision of youth can our nation transcend its greatest challenges.


We believe that our peers, regardless of their background, should have the chance to receive a good education, to work at a good job earning decent wages, to raise a family, and live in safe communities. We believe that having affordable quality health care is a right, not a privilige for the few. We believe that each generation should have the opportunity, through service, hard work, and sacrifice to enjoy a better future than the last and share in the same opportunities we have been privileged to enjoy.


We recognize that our nation is at a pivotal time - engaged in a two-front war and facing a faltering economy. We recognize that the task before us is not easy, and that our political system has all too frequently been wrought with injustice, division, cynicism, and fear. Yet, we remain undaunted and know that even when our inspiration and hope is in short supply, we can look to history and the political leaders who came before us a source of strength. The Virginia Young Democrats proudly bear the burden of leadership, in the tradition of our greatest progressive forefathers –Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Woodrow Wilson.


We reach out today to the members of our generation, and call on young people to unite, to declare our belief in this nation’s promise, and to live out that belief through our deeds, priorities, and commitments. Democrats have always made the greatest difference in the lives of American people when we called on the entire nation to unite for a common purpose. That opportunity is before us yet again. We can choose to follow the current course and defer to the status quo, or chart a new path that reflects our highest values and builds upon the best aspects of our nation. The chance to bring about the change our country desperately needs is before us, and we call upon all members of our generation to seize that opportunity.


VAYD Annual Convention

March 17-19, 2017
Harrisonburg, VA

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