Canvass for Dave Marsden in Centerville this Saturday!

RSVP to 37SenateOrganizers@vayd.org, or call 703-462-1420


Below is a note from Mary Kate Aylward, one of our Fall 2009 organizers and one of two VAYD organizers for the Marsden Race.

Green Gifts for the Holidays

Are you starting to feel like the holiday season has become more of an excuse to increase retail sales than a time to spread love and good cheer? Interested in helping protect the greatest gift of all, our planet Earth? Manufacturing the new gadgets exchanged at Christmas uses resources, and the energy burned to make, pack, and transport them translates into emissions. There are actually plenty of green gift ideas out there to help us share the Christmas spirit with friends and family without accumulating junk and contributing to environmental problems. Here are a few quick tips.

A lot to be thankful for

It's not easy to pick up and dust off after a tough fall. This election was a tough one for Democrats in Virginia. In spite of an unprecedented effort by the Virginia Young Democrats and Democrats all over the Commonwealth, we lost. Even with this loss, however, we have a lot to be thankful for:


2010 Legislative Fellows

Permalink: http://www.vayd.org/2010LegislativeFellows
Position: Virginia Young Democrats Legislative Fellow
Stipend: $400 - $600 pending hours worked
Application Deadline: December 9th, 2009
Requirements: 20 Hours per Week, January 12th through March 13th
Qualifications: Must be able to work in fast paced environment, think on feet, and follow deadlines. An interest in the inner workings of politics and the legislative process is a must.


Rarely does an opportunity like this arise for young people to play such an active role in policy. The Young Democrats and the House and Senate Democratic Caucuses have joined forces to provide a fellowship program where young people can become experts on an issue area and work closely with elected officials during the General Assembly session.


Candidates for a fellowship will apply for a committee assignment and if chosen will work closely with the Caucus Whip or Committee Chair of the committee. This fellowship is unique because it allows young people to be an active part of the legislative process and interface directly with lawmakers. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, attending all assigned committee and subcommittee meetings, following legislation through the committee process and through the legislature, monitoring amendments to legislation, keeping track of who is in favor and against legislation, observing meetings between legislators and lobbyists (both constituent and professional), drafting correspondence to constituent contacts on legislation before your committee, preparing background briefing information daily for legislation up for votes on the floor of the General Assembly, taking visual record (pictures) of your experience and reporting about your work on the VAYD blog, and other duties as assigned.


There are 20 fellowship positions available. Each comes with a $400-$600 stipend. Candidates must be able to commit to no less than 20 hours per week, January 12 - March 13. Availability and flexibility will be weighted equally to qualifications and references during the selection process. Any questions should be emailed to Toby.Quaranta@vayd.org.


The deadline to apply is Wednesday, December 9th at 5:00 p.m.


Information on how to apply below

Getting Ready for 2010

With Election 2009 behind us, VAYD is already getting ready for 2010. This weekend, a group of members of VAYD's executive board met in Arlington at the ACDC Headquarters to go over plans for the coming year. First on our agenda: Legislative Fellows for the House and Senate Democratic Caucus, and (building on our work in NOVA this past cycle) organizers for the Special Senate election in Fairfax.


VAYD Budget Meeting


There's more...

Virginia Young Democrats Congratulate United States House of Representatives, Congressmen Moran, Scott, Connolly, and Perriello

Virginia Young Democrats Congratulate United States House of Representatives, Congressmen Moran, Scott, Connolly, and Perriello for Historic Vote


American People, Young Generation to Benefit from Access to Affordable Healthcare and Long-Term Savings


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