Young Democrats Call for Bob Marshall's Resignation Over Disgraceful Comments

Young Democrats Call for Bob Marshall's Resignation Over Disgraceful Comments

Using disabled children and their families as a political prop for his extremist Republican agenda is out of line

Richmond, VA – Virginians are shocked and outraged at the recent comments made by Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall and the Young Democrats will not stand by idly while such statements are made. State Delegate Bob Marshall of Manassas says disabled children are God's punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy, the Staunton News Leader reported today.

Defense of Common Wealth

The idea of common wealth goes back to the very beginning of civilization, when humans first realized that a community could accomplish for the individual what no individual could do on their own. Over the course of millennia, religious and political leaders from Jesus of Nazareth and Mohammed to Thomas Hobbes and Franklin Roosevelt have suggested that humans bound together could fill the gaps of society.

The United States and Virginia governments have pursued such a philosophy for hundreds of years. Military defense, education, and social services for children and the elderly ensure the ideals of equality, general welfare, and prosperity laid out by our founding fathers. In 2010, Virginia’s Governor proposed that no bit of our common wealth is sacred, and today we face the very real possibility that government spending, or lack thereof, will exacerbate the gaps in our society that we as a species have tried for so many generations to eradicate.

Lobby Day Postponed

Due to the pending Snowpocalypse, our Lobby Day will be postponed. We are looking forward to seeing folks in Richmond on our new date, the 22nd of February!

Another Mid-Atlantic Winter Storm

February Update

After helping Senator Dave Marsden pull off an upset win in the 37th Senate District special election earlier this month, the Virginia Young Democrats are rockin' and rollin'! Below you will find more information on our Lobby Day, our Convention, our work to keep the 41st House District blue, and our Commonwealth Club. More after the jump...

Lobby Day 2010

Tentative Lobby Day Schedule
Governor Bob McDonnell has already managed to make some really bad decisions. Just days into his governorship, promise breakin’ Bob has managed to ignore transportation, ignore the $2 Billion deficit he created, fail to protect LGBT state employees from discrimination, and renege on his promise to take up bipartisan redistricting. Help make sure that we lend a voice to common sense. Join us as dozens of Young Democrats from across the commonwealth lobby our legislators on February 5th in Richmond. You can also join us at our Lobby Day reception at the VAYD Headquarters in our Capitol city. More details after the jump...

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