Happy 10th Anniversary Bush Tax Cuts

This past Tuesday (June 7, 2011) marked the 10th anniversary the signing into law of the Bush tax cuts. The average millionaire in Virginia saves $71,000 because of the Bush tax cuts. The overall cost of the tax cuts over the last ten years, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, have cost the country around 2.5 trillion dollars. That’s more than the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. It's time we had a tax code that's fair to people who work for a living. Let's stop giving tax breaks to the wealthy who don't need it and will not invest it back into the economy.

George Allen Should Take His Own Advice

Courtesy of our friends at the Democratic Party of Virginia a sampling of George Allen's hypocrisy on the Ryan plan.

Campaign manager Kleiner for State Delegate Race in Virginia's 20th District

Campaign manager needed for Kleiner's State Delegate Race in Virginia's 20th District (Staunton, Augusta, Waynesboro, Highland, Nelson)

The campaign manager will handle all aspects of the campaign,
including but not limited to fundraising, communications, field
operations, scheduling and consultant/vendor oversight, and working with the head of media and publicity.

Long hours and flexibility are necessary. The
campaign manager will schedule the candidate for call time and at events,
and shall present a professional appearance at all

VAYD Urges Keeping Uranium Mining Ban

In a unanimous vote, the Executive Committee of the Virginia Young Democrats joined with the Sierra Club to urge lawmakers to keep the ban on uranium mining in the Commonwealth. The thirty-year ban has protected drinking water in potential mine sites. A contamination of water near mining sites could drive away the businesses so many communities in Southern Virginia need. Sign on to keep the ban.

FCDC Seeking Summer Interns

The Fairfax County Democratic Committee is looking for Summer interns to help build the Democratic Party and help our candidates win in November. Interns will work in a Democratic office with full time staff, distributing information, registering voters, assisting with volunteer recruitment, donor research and data entry and organizing volunteer support.

PAID 2 year Fellowship with Environment America!

Work for a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Future
From the BP disaster in the Gulf to the climate crisis facing our planet, the need to confront big environmental challenges has never been clearer. If you are looking for the opportunity, training and experience to make a powerful and long-lasting impact on the policies that will shape our energy future, the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink, and the fate of the places we love, check out Environment America’s Fellowship Program.

Repowering America

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